core sensing, a start-up from Darmstadt, received the HERMES AWARD for its product coreIN at the Hannover Messe 2021. It turns mechanical machine components, like couplings, into smart devices.

The HERMES AWARD from Deutsche Messe is the world’s most important industry award. In the Startup category, which was introduced in 2020, core sensing GmbH took the prize for its product, coreIN, a universal sensor element, which can be integrated into mechanical components to “let them feel”. A drive shaft, a coupling or a threaded spindle can now be transformed into a smart component that actively measures force and torque. The smart sensors provide valuable insights into the inner workings of machines and systems and can, for example, help more accurately determine maintenance intervals and prevent breakdowns. 


Entering the conservative field of mechanical engineering was not easy for the startup. “The stringent quality requirements for components that are subject to high mechanical stress and the need to build trust with customers led us to consider pursuing strategic cooperation with established component manufacturers. We work very closely with selected market and technology leaders in the field of couplings, cardan shafts and threaded spindles,” explains Martin Krech, co-founder and Managing Director at core sensing. It quickly became clear to R+W Antriebselemente GmbH that core sensing would be the partner of choice for its sensing precision coupling. In 2020, R+W presented the intelligent coupling and sensor technology as its own product line and innovation on the market. A real win-win situation for both companies.