CEO Message

We always sincerely appreciate your support and trust.

KOHMATIC-KOREA, founded in September 1995, started with the motto “Get the right drive”, and is supplying the elements of power transmission. We was able to hold the prominent position as a specialized solution venture company providing technical supports for customer’s productivity improvement

  • Supplying the machine elements for power transmission
  • Technical support & advisory for the machine element

  • Research and Development for providing new products

  • Line solution package of total engineering

We’re focusing on as follows.

  • First

    the utmost technical solution and quick delivery for customer’s requests

  • Second

    Introduction of new products and technical solutions

  • Third

    Maximizing customer’s satisfaction by providing the high-quality products and services

We, KOHMATIC-KOREA, are willing to be a great partner with you for creating future. Thank you.

CEO HEO Woo-seok