History History From 1995 ~

2017.05 Establishment of KOHMATIC-KOREA Institute of Technology
2013.08 Moving headquarters to “Gunpo IT Valley”
2012.01 Establishment of “Deuschle Korea”, joint business with Germany
2011.03 Establishment of an agent in Dae-Jeon, Korea
2010.01 Establishment of “Koja-Korea Asia Pacific Headquarters”
2008.04 Registration of factory
2006.01 New corporation “Kohmatic-Korea Co., Ltd”
2005.06 Merobel (France), Partner of Korea
2004.12 Moving headquarters to “Gunpo SK Ventium”
2003.11 Ortlieb-GmbH (Germany), Partner of Korea
2003.10 Polyclutch (U.S.A), Partner of Korea
2003.02 Jaeger GmbH (Germany), Partner of Korea
1999.11 Establishment of an agent in Ul-San, Korea
1999.02 Establishment of an agent in Chang-Won, Korea
1998.04 R+W GmbH (Germany), Partner of Korea
1995.10 Starting sales and trade Power Transmission Parts
1995.06 Establishment of “Kohmatic Corporation”

2017.08 Cooperation with Chonbuk National University
2016.05 Cooperation with Incheon National University
2016.03 Cooperation with Yuhan University
2015.06 Cooperation with State University of New York(Korea)
2005.06 Cooperation with Korea Polytechnic University

2010.10 Acquiring the patent relevant to Spindles
2009.01 Venture business confirmation
2009.01 Certificate of INNO-BIZ, technical-innovation company (by The Small and Medium Business Administration in Korea)
2009.01 Certificate of a specialized company on components and materials (by The Ministry of Knowledge Economy in Korea)
2008.08 Certificate of ISO 9001:2000
2008.06 Certificate of Research and Development center

2019.10 Participation in KOFAS
2019.10 Participation in Hyundai Steel Tech Show
2019.05 Participation in BUTECH
2018.09 Participation in KOFAS
2018.04 Participation in SIMTOS
2017.09 Participation in INMAC
2017.06 Participation in SIDEX
2016.09 Participation in KOFAS
2016.04 Participation in SIMTOS
2015.10 Participation in KOMAF
2015.09 Participation in KOFAS
2015.03 Participation in aimex
2014.11 Participation in IDEX
2014.10 Participation in IMAC
2014.09 Participation in KOFAS
2014.04 Participation in SIMTOS
2013.10 Participation in KOMAF
2012.04 Participation in SIMTOS
2010.11 Participation in DAMEX
2010.09 Participation in KOFAS
2010.04 Participation in SIMTOS
2008.04 Participation in SIMTOS
2006.04 Participation in SIMTOS
2004.04 Participation in SIMTOS
2003.09 Participation in KOMAF
2003.10 Participation in DAMEX