[Jaeger] “two-tool operation” B100-M536.01 S3

Jaeger Spindles has the right spindle for your application! The most effective solution on the market for “two-tool operation” is our dual-spindle B100-M536.01 S3. Equipped with the 2 tool holders, the time-consuming tool change can be significantly cut down as you work on 2 pieces simultaneous. Equipped with a left and right cutting tool,  no change in the position of the spindle is required. With power reaching up to 12 KW and max. 4 Nm torque, almost all materials can be machined at a continuously adjustable speed of up to 36,000 rpm.  The clamping range on both sides is a mighty 13 mm (ER 20). The large bearing creates an extremely robust spindle for any job.



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