In April 2021, the operational environmental measures at R+W Antriebselemente GmbH were successfully certified according to the international standard ISO 14001. This proves that the company takes environmental protection seriously and has integrated it into all aspects of the business.

“Environmental protection is an integral part of our business activities,” emphasizes Managing Director Holger Vogt. To make it official, R+W has introduced a documented management system in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard, and is currently also working on certification with the occupational health and safety management system analogous to the ISO 45001 standard, the “Sicher mit System” seal of quality (= safe with the system).

These certifications solidify R+W’s commitment to using sustainable technology and processes in its business to minimize environmental impact and improve energy efficiency as well as occupational health and safety. This not only affects new investments, but also has a concrete impact on all areas of the company: Wherever possible, the company uses renewable energy to generate electricity and recover heat, and employs modern, energy-efficient machinery in its production. The vehicle fleet is being successively converted to hybrid vehicles and electric cars. The company has its own charging stations, which can also be used for e-bikes. The green spaces around the company building are irrigated with drip hose systems. All energy consumption values are continuously monitored.

R+W is also constantly improving its work processes in terms of health protection and occupational safety with regard to hazard prevention and preventative healthcare. For example, in addition to the usual first aid providers, a “first responder” has also been trained. Flu vaccinations are actively promoted. “All this contributes both to the success of the company and to the satisfaction of our customers, employees and partners,” Holger Vogt is convinced.