R+W has become increasingly interested in simplifying the procurement of machinery and mechanical engineering components. The German coupling manufacturer has made this a top priority moving forward.

In addition to precision line shafts, which can span distances of up to 6 meters, other important accessories are available for reliable torque transmission at high speeds and over long distances. Line shafts without intermediate bearings can be found in machine tools, packaging and printing machines, conveyor and crane systems or in the area of production and painting lines, easily spanning lengths of up to six meters. In various applications such as screw jacks or stage construction, high speeds often have to be transmitted while spanning a long distance as well. To prevent a so-called “oscillation” and ultimately failure of the shaft(s), an intermediate bearing arrangement is usually recommended. The new solution, a vibration-damping line shaft with a single-sided rigid hub (EZ2 S), was developed precisely for these applications. The design of the component still allows short assembly and disassembly times, while offering torque transmission from 12,5 to 1,350 Nm as a standard.

Matching accessories such as intermediate bearings (ZL) and intermediate shafts (ZW) are now available in our product portfolio. The intermediate bearings are available in sizes 15, 20, 30, 40 and 50. The corresponding intermediate shafts are available in three versions: without keyway, with one keyway or with two keyways.

The complete package consists of a line shaft solution, extra accessories, and expert advice from R+W Coupling Technology, which enables optimum machine and system alignment. The selection and procurement efforts are thus reduced by eliminating unnecessary intermediate steps, and systems are significantly simplified.

More information about the new EZ2 S line shaft can be found in this PDF on page 11, with new accessories detailed on page 12.