Power transmission up to 500,000 Nm with robust and compact components


Wind power systems, steel mills, industrial shredders, and tunnel boring machines are just a few examples of industrial equipment that requires massive torque transmission – often upwards of 500,000Nm.  These equipment designs also come with the added pressure of ever more restrictive installation spaces for the components that make them up.

These situations are ideal for industrial safety couplings made for applications requiring maximum safety and performance in the face of consistently extreme loads.  Engineers and operators across a wide range of industrial sectors know that machine component failure and downtime drive up costs, or even worse can lead to accidents – making proper industrial coupling selection critical.  For reliable transmission in heavy industry, flexible couplings need to meet certain criteria at an absolute minimum:

·       transfer extreme torques with minimum power losses

·       operate wear-free even in harsh conditions

·       protect adjacent components from excessive stress and risk of damage

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