[R+W] New types enrich the product range

New types enrich the product range

R+W has completely re-engineered its portfolio of torsionally stiff disc pack couplings. In addition to extra options and special solutions, present new standard designs with product enhancements. You, as user, now benefit from a portfolio of disc pack couplings that is more broad-ranging than ever before.
Whether in steel mills, printing presses, or pump packages: torsionally stiff, maintenance-free, and reliable disc pack couplings from R+W are perfectly suited to use under extreme conditions. A special ATEX version was even developed for use in potentially explosive environments. Made from high strength steel, disc pack couplings feature a high power density and tolerate temperatures from -30 to +280 degrees Celsius.

Even before the redesign, the R+W disc pack coupling portfolio offered an appealingly broad spectrum of models and versions in a range of sizes and options. Now that the LP series has been re-engineered, it offers users the benefits of easier handling from design to installation, in new standard lengths and custom-fit products.

Specific Features
All R+W disc pack couplings are fitted with six-bolt disc packs made from highly elastic spring steel. Each individual disc pack compensates for angular and axial misalignment, while dual flex versions with two disc packs add the ability to compensate for lateral misalignment. Once the standardized physical principles of coupling design are factored in, R+W disc pack couplings transmit torque through the disc pack with absolutely zero backlash and without micro-movements in the bolted connection.

What’s New?
Two key innovations have enhanced the portfolio. First is an installation-friendly model, featuring a clamping hub, available in single flex and dual flex versions, with torque capacities ranging from 350 to 50,000 Nm (LP5). Alignment bushings and high grade bolts are used to connect the precision machined steel coupling hubs to the spring steel disc packs, with the dual flex version also incorporating a short connection spacer between the two disc packs. The single flex version exhibits and extremely high level of torsional stiffness, while compensating for axial and angular misalignment, and is typically used in jack shaft configurations, or with self aligning bearings. The dual flex version is used in more traditional connections between supported shafts to compensate for lateral misalignment while transmitting torque with zero backlash. The clamping hubs are designed for keyless transmission, and keyways are optional.

The second new design is a dual flex model, featuring a fully split clamping hub for radial installation and removal without the need to disturb the adjacent machine components (LPH). This model is designed for torque capacities ranging from 350 to 50,000 Nm. As an additional option, both the new LP5 and LPH can be made with extended spacers at customer-specified lengths.

Enhanced and More Application Oriented
In addition to the new models, the already proven existing designs were enhanced with more versions and options. Both the simple keyway mounted version and the conical clamping ring version were configured as catalog standard options for both single flex and dual flex versions. A connecting plate was incorporated into the dual flex versions, making the spacer versions (LP2 and LP3) much more compact. The individual coupling sizes and torque capacities have also been more finely tuned, making them more application oriented. Also new is the option for an “XL” hub for keyway mounting of larger motor shafts within a given coupling size.

You, as our customer, can now easily find a coupling that more perfectly matches their torque requirements without having to increase to the next larger size. This offers plenty of advantages, not the least of which is avoiding unnecessary costs.

Even Better for High Speed
The previously existing designs are worth a closer look as well. Disc pack couplings with symmetrical conical clamping rings, which generate very high shaft clamping pressure, are particularly well suited to reversing applications as well as applications involving high rotational speeds. As a part of the portfolio relaunch, these models have now also been designed for torque transmission of up to 50,000 Nm, and are available in three versions: single flex, dual flex, and spacer type, the latter of which is also available in customer specified overall lengths.

Options, Custom Solutions, Integrated Sensors
Numerous custom solutions have also been added to the new, broad-ranging R+W disc pack coupling portfolio. Most interestingly, the compact, wireless “Intelligent Coupling”, integral sensor system provides the ability to measure torque, speed, vibration and axial load from directly within the drive line, and can be incorporated into many LP coupling designs. This smart hardware and software
solution can be operated easily and conveniently using the R+W App.

With our new LP couplings portfolio we focusing even more on customers.

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