[R+W] Robust and powerful solution required

Industrial shredding equipment is used in waste volume reduction and recycling of materials such as paper, tires, scrap metal, aluminum, copper, plastic and many others.

The shredding of scrap tires requires robust and powerful machinery to extract useful raw materials from the rubber and steel composite.

One customer was looking for a special solution of a torque limiter for a tire shredder. Here, the industrial safety coupling is installed between the gearbox and the primary shaft. The special requirement here was to make the coupling removable without the need to move either shaft, to make easy assembly and disassembly possible in support of frequent bearing maintenance cycles.The solution: a special design called ST2NR/40/XX that meets all these requirements.

Technical specifications of the coupling:

  • Adjustment range: 35,000 – 45,000 Nm
  • Disengagement torque: 40,000 Nm
  • Maximum operating speed: 1200 rpm
  • Disengagement modules secured to prevent tampering
  • Operating principle: full disengagement / manual re-engagement

Procedure for bearing replacement or inspection: The safety coupling is unlocked is moved toward the base of the gearbox shaft. By loosening the screws, the intermediate jaw coupling assembly can be easily removed and the flange D2 can be removed from the shaft.

Here we have a drawing of the finished coupling and the individual assembly steps for you.

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