Easy installation and removal of industrial shaft couplings can be an excellent way of reducing machine assembly time and facilitating better access to adjacent equipment for inspection, maintenance and alignment.  Traditional industrial couplings generally require that each hub be mounted prior to one or more intermediate segments being installed.  The new LPH is changing this by allowing the complete coupling package to drop in and out of the driveline with no assembly required.

For decades R+W has sought to simplify installation of its high precision couplings for servo drive applications, having led the way in fully split hubs for metal bellows and elastomer jaw couplings.  With the new LPH series this same level of time-saving convenience is being brought to flexible disc pack couplings in an industry first.

Flexible disc pack couplings are known for providing an excellent combination of rugged dependability and high-performance power transmission, normally with zero backlash.  Each disc pack is capable of compensating for an angular bend during rotation, requiring two in series for full shaft misalignment compensation.  Since there are no moving parts, the couplings are wear and maintenance free after installation.  The drive components they connect however may need to be changed, inspected and repaired from time to time, making the ability to quickly remove and re-install shaft couplings advantageous, beyond the time saved during initial installation.

The frictional clamping hubs also save significant further effort when compared to heat shrink interference fitting of hubs onto shafts.  By comparison, the keyless (keyway optional) clamping hubs generate sufficient clamping pressure to transmit full application loads without internal movement which can cause wear and damage to shaft keys, and without the need for time consuming interference fitting.

LPH fully split hub disc pack couplings at a glance

·         Reduced assembly time with lateral installation and removal

·         Zero backlash and maintenance free

·         11 standard sizes available

·         Torque capacity from 300 to 50,000 Nm

·         Inch and metric bore diameters from 18mm to >6.00”

·         Frictional clamping (keyway optional)

To get the most efficient industrial coupling system for your application through fully split clamping, check out the LPH product page or contact one of or our coupling experts for a custom solution!