[R+W] SCL – specialist for servo motors

The SCL is a backlash-free servo disc pack coupling with lightweight aluminum clamping hubs made specifically for servo drives. It is capable of compensating for axial, lateral, and angular misalignment.


The servo disc pack coupling is suitable for highly dynamic applications with frequent start-stops and reversing, where positioning accuracy is of utmost importance. Their hubs are made of aluminium, which results in a low weight and a low mass moment of inertia. The discs themselves are made of highly elastic spring steel and have a high power density. The disc pack is attached using high-strength screws, which transmit the torque via frictional force – completely backlash-free. There are no micro-movements in the disc connection, which leads to a high overall rigidity. The frictional connection hubs are offered with clamping hubs, fully-split clamping hubs, or conical clamping rings.