[R+W] Special challenge: large shaft distance

Special challenge: large shaft distance

When developing a special solution based on a double gimbal disc pack (disc pack coupling with keyway mounting, LP2) R+W went beyond previous limits and met the special challenge – namely a required length of 1950 mm and an operating speed of 915 rpm. The coupling was dynamically balanced with a balancing quality of G2.5 for 1200 rpm..

Additional technical data:

Nominal power: 245 kw,
Max. power output: 405 kw,
Nominal torque: 2557 Nm,
Maximum torque: 4227 Nm,
Speed: 950 rpm.

The drive shaft had a diameter of 120 mm and the disc pack coupling had a corresponding size of 10000.

This coupling was intended for installation in the drive train for paper rolls in a machine for paper processing. Since these paper rolls have a very high weight, a brake disc had to be integrated due to the high flywheel masses, which had to withstand a braking torque of 4000 Nm.

The disc pack coupling was painted with RAL 1021 at the customer’s request. At R+W, many different types of lacquering are available. In this special case, this signal colour was chosen to mark the coupling specifically for safety reasons. This coating also enables the disc pack coupling to cope with the particularly adverse conditions in paper production, as it also provides good protection against corrosion.

R+W disc pack couplings from the LP series are used in steel works, pump applications, test benches and many other applications. They are compact and torsionally stiff and have a high power density thanks to the use of high-strength materials. The robust all-steel couplings can be used in a temperature range from -30° to +280 °C and are therefore also suitable for extreme temperatures.

The R+W disc pack couplings are equipped throughout with six-hole plates made of highly elastic spring steel, which can compensate for shaft misalignments in the package; high-strength screws are used to fasten the plate package. Thanks to the compensation possibilities of the disc pack, the couplings can compensate for both angular and axial shaft misalignment, if the coupling has a double gimbal with two disc packs, a lateral shaft misalignment can also be compensated.
The wide range of R+W disc pack couplings is complemented by numerous options and special solutions – find out more about disc pack couplings.

In the area of cardan shafts, too, previous limits have been exceeded
Intermediate axles are used to bridge large shaft distances. Up to now, solutions with an intermediate bearing or a bearing block to support the drive train have been planned. Modern precision intermediate axes from R+W have very smooth running and can be operated up to a length of six metres without intermediate support.

However, R+W developed a cardan shaft with a total length of 7 metres for a special application. This was a particular challenge. To ensure that this overall length could also be achieved without intermediate support, R+W had to use a special intermediate pipe with a special wall thickness. This resulted in a considerable total weight of 386 kg.

The right choice of coupling has a decisive influence on the behaviour of the drivetrain and ultimately on the entire system. R+W offers various backlash-free model series for precision and industrial applications. The aim is to achieve high dynamics and repeatability as well as precise torque transmission. R+W’s backlash-free models for this task include vibration-damping elastomer couplings, torsionally stiff metal bellows and disc pack couplings as well as torque-limiting safety couplings.

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