[R+W] Tailor-made and not off the shelf

Custom solutions to supplement the standard product range

Custom version of a safety coupling for heavy duty applications

R+W has a very comprehensive, high performance product portfolio that offers appropriate coupling designs and options for most applications. But that’s not all we have to offer.

If you ask professionals in any industry, they will tell you that customization is vital. Consequently, developing customized solutions has now become part of everyday life for coupling manufacturers. The more tailed a coupling becomes to a particular application, the better it can contribute to safe and efficient processes when used in the field. What remains important to every customer is that the selected coupling is the optimal design for the application and offers reliable and precise torque transmission or limitation.

As a result, couplings are often customized to customer specifications. They are available in various configurations: balanced (static or dynamic), flange mounting, keyway mounting, clamping hubs, welded (for high torque or high temperatures), and many more. In many cases, the custom design simply incorporates two existing standard products.

In the words of Hermann Hesse, “To achieve the possible, you must attempt the impossible”, developing custom solutions is thus of utmost importance to the coupling experts of R+W.

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