In addition to the variety of standard configurations available, torsionally stiff R+W disc pack couplings can also be made with integral coolant delivery system.

This option brings many advantages, especially to manufacturers of bridge mills with extended spindle assemblies.

These specially designed dual flex spindle couplings feed coolant to the work piece over long distances by means of an internal pipe with adaptation interfaces at each end.  Because of the combination of overall length and rotational speed typically required, the outer drive shaft tubing of these couplings is normally made from light weight carbon fiber (CFRP) or aluminum.  Symmetrically machined clamping rings are used at each end to help ensure that these assembly balanced units will run quietly and smoothly, even at top speed.

The torsionally stiff disc packs at each end of the assembly compensate for any shaft misalignment which may exist, with negligible side loading, and with special lower supports to releive the weight of the assembly from the lower discs.  This robust and powerful series benefits users through simplified spindle design, reduced assembly time, faster machining speeds, and longer service life.

Beyond the specialized spindle versions, a variety of other applications call for extended length disc pack couplings for vertical installation and can be equiped with the same vertical support system.  This allows for the same torsional stiffness, which is often required in case of frequently changing loads and speeds common in servo applications, with no change to performance.  The coupling ends can also be configured with brake discs, custom flanges and virtually any other special feature the application may require.


Intelligent coupling with integral sensors

An innovative new soluation from R+W incudes an integral sensor system to measure torque, speed, vibration, and axial loads from directly within the drive line – and it’s all wireless! This smart hardware and software solution brings easy and convenient operation through the R+W app, and is available in most LP models.

“As a technology leader and specialist for metal bellows couplings, it was clear to us early on: We do not only want to meet this change towards the networked Industry 4.0 in data and its use becoming more and more valuable, but we want to proactively design and implement it for our customers. The step with modern sensor technology for our couplings is the beginning,” explains Joerg Stang.

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